Finally recognized my "first entry"

Thank GOD. I've realized there's no real point in my writing a *blog*. Not enough stuff happenin' around here to write about. Well, I could always write about my fandom-related feelings. I need to do something to *sniffles* fill the void! (Nope, still not over the loss of Flipnote Hatena.) <-- I should be; after all, I have a 3DS...but just no Flipnote Studio 3D. Ah wwhatevver.

Yes? No? Understand cannot. Halp pls.

I swear I have written an entry here before...dirty liar keeps making me write introductions. Well, you know what? I'm not gonna do it. You're just gonna have to figure me out yourselves...I *pterodactyl screech*

Homestuck. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural.

Equius <3 Aradia.

Eridan <3 Sollux (yeah, matespritship, not kismesissitude).

Nepeta <3 Gamzee.

Nepeta <> Aradia (merely because this is a thing that is real for me personally...).

John <3 Dave.